Save time and money with ready built training programs -"training in a box"-  that can be tailored to your company.  Follow other leading technical companies with standardized, easy to leverage training programs and guidance. Programs with us will be streamlined with tried and true templates, checklist that consistently drive results.  






Our individual a la' carte services include global analysis, program structure, design, partnering with subject matter experts to execute on learning and courses.  Reporting and measuring to ensure return on investment for satisfaction, effectiveness, application and business value of the entire training program.  




We are experienced at providing companies with right sized training services or full packages that allow investment for growth. The key to training is partnership and program driven requirements that build a community of loyal experts in the industry.

Take advantage of our experience and contacts to design a program to scale.

NEXT Trainings,LLC

Contact: Haley Heter 

T: +1 408 601 0488  
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Building Next


We have international partnership experience with technical companies and their training organizations.  We have over 12 years experience working with fortune 500 companies and training departments. 





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